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5 Top tips if it rains on your Wedding day:

Being a wedding photographer, I have obviously attended a lot of weddings.  Although we all wish for bright blue skies, this is not always the case.  But it doesn’t mean your wedding day will be ruined it will just be slightly different to the original plan.  To be prepared, I have collated some hints and tips to consider prior to your wedding incase it rains on your Wedding day:

1/ Have a plan B – You live in England.  Yes and as much as we love it, the weather never does what we want, so always have a plan B.  If your staged shots were to be outside, speak to your photographer before hand and agree an alternative indoor location. Unless you are getting married in the desert, there’s always an indoor option. At Ellis Simon photography, we strongly advise a pre-wedding meeting to discuss such eventualities.

2/ Umbrella-ella-ella –  So there’s three options here, you can ask around your friends and family and round up some umbrellas before the big day, but the chances are they will all be different colours and maybe have logos on them.  These won’t look great on camera.  Secondly, you could purchase a number of umbrellas for the Wedding party, but this is expensive and you are then stuck with a number of umbrellas following the party.  The third and probably the best option, is to hire wedding umbrellas.  These can be hired from a range of different on-line suppliers, some of which I have mentioned below.  This is cost effective and convenient and enables you to choose umbrellas that will match the colour scheme of your day and therefore compliment the wedding photography.  (Some of the best shots I have done have actually been when the wedding party have been holding up their umbrella’s, so embrace it!)




3/ Delegate to the Ushers –  Whether you do borrow, buy or hire umbrellas, ensure one of the Ushers is put in charge of making sure they get to the venue and get home again afterwards.  You don’t want to incur unnecessary costs for umbrellas that go walkabouts!

4/ They’re called Maids for a reason! – As well as delegating to your Ushers, make sure you brief your bridesmaids as well.  Who is going to look after the dress to ensure it doesnt get too wet? Who will hold your umbrella when getting out of the car? as you think of the logistics, jobs will arise. If you have pre-planned this, the day will be a lot slicker.

5/ And finally… Don’t let it affect your big day.  Ok, so its raining, that isn’t ideal, but this is your wedding day, and nothing is going to spoil it.  Wear a smile on your face and don’t bother looking at the clouds. Your face tells a thousand stories, and its going to be on camera, so make sure its telling a nice on! Remember, the event is not just about a spectacle, its about your commitment to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.  Enjoy it, be radiant and the camera will love you! (and you can always laugh at the photographer getting wet!)

This picture was taken at a recent wedding. It rained as we were arriving at Church.  Did it bother Charley, the bride? Hell no.

Ellis simon photography - heswall wedding photographer

 Anyway, I hope this helps. Do let me know if you have any tips yourself and I will add them to the list.

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5 Top tips if it RAINS ON YOUR WEDDING DAY by Simon Ellis